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To the ABA Retirement Funds Program e-file website which is designed to assist you with filing your firm’s Form 5500 and related schedules through the Department of Labor’s EFAST2 filing system. With the exception of one-person plans, all plans are required to file electronically. 

***Please Note: If you are using an Apple product, additional steps may be necessary depending on which web browser you are using.  To utilize the website, Google Chrome users need to turn on the Incognito Option; Safari and Firefox users need to be in a New Private Window; and Internet Explorer users need to be in the In Private Browser Option. In the event that you are still having issues filing your 5500, please contact us at the number below.***

NEW items for the 2016 Plan Year End Forms! The Program has now left ALL data fields unlocked for you to make changes directly on the form if necessary.

***Note: If you make any changes to the data on your firm’s financial schedule (Schedule H or I), Or in the financial section for a Form 5500-SF filer, please forward the changes to us at so that we may update our recordkeeping system.  Any change made to the financial data, of which we are unaware, will have an impact to your firm’s 2017 Form 5500. ***

  • The Fidelity Bond question on your firm’s financial schedule (Schedule H or I, line 4e; line 10c for a 5500-SF) has been defaulted to “Yes”.  You will need to enter the amount of bond coverage you currently have for your plan. By leaving the amount field blank, you will receive an error message when filing the Form 5500 through EFAST.

  • As was started with the 2015 plan year, additional Compliance questions are now located on the Schedule R and Part IX of the 5500-SF (appears on the 5500-SF form as Part XI).  However, per IRS instructions, for the 2015 and 2016 plan years, the questions can be disregarded.  Each question can remain blank and unanswered. The Compliance questions on your financial schedules (For Schedule H OR I filers) or the financial section for a 5500-SF filer do STILL need to be answered.

Form 5558 (Application for Extension) will be produced and uploaded with your Form 5500 for you to print and mail.  The Program will NOT file Form 5558 on your firm's behalf. Instructions for filing the Form 5558 are on the Plan Selection screen when you log in.  Please log in by entering your User Name and Password above.

If you have any questions or are uncertain about your logon ID and password, please call us at (800) 752-6313, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern time.