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Welcome to Electronic 5500 Filing! is dedicated to the management of the DOL Form 5500 electronic filing requirements. For the 2009 plan year and all subsequent filings, 5500's will be transmitted to the DOL via this secure site.


Through this portal, plan sponsors, CPA's and other authorized individuals are able to view, edit, approve and transmit the 5500 filing to the DOL.  Meanwhile, Pension Plan Services is able to upload, communicate and monitor the 5500 filing process as preparer.


You received an email from the PPS administration team notifying you that your 5500 is complete and ready for review.  This email referred you to this site and contained  a User Name and Password


To begin - please LOGIN by entering your User Name and Password at the top of this page.  This will take you to a page with instructions on how to access your 5500 planbook. 


**Please note - the User Name and Password we refer to here is NOT the credential information you received from the DOL.  The credential information will be used later in the process to finish and authenticate your signature on the 5500.**


If you have not completed the credentialing process - please notify our office at 515-223-0433 or


Please let us know of any questions or feedback you may have as we strive to streamline this process as much as possible.

For more details, we have a list of EFAST FAQ's available at: